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Who We Are.

We are a small team with big ideas.

We create delightful experience and engaging products. We take collaborative approach with our clients, share stories and provide services from Design to Web, Mobile & Beyond.

We are based on Dhaka, Bangladesh, helping startups and big companies all over the world. We love function and purpose as much as beauty and creativity, and call on them all to turn great ideas into reality. We love coffee, music and the smile of our happy clients.

Wow, thanks for actually checking out my “about me” page! My name is Ashiqur Rahman Jabal , but what can I say; I also really like business ideas. I’ve always had the “problem” of going after lots of different ideas – rather than focusing on just one. This morning you got a precious gift of a brand new day. Make today better than yesterday – learn, grow, and be a great example for others. It’s possible! In 2014 I caught a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and create a lifestyle for myself and my family they truly deserve. Since I’m from Bangladesh my name might seem a bit unusual. But it’s ok. I think we can still be friends. My experience in digital marketing began in about 2014. And now I’m mostly working with: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) WordPress Website Expert YouTube Video Marketing Website SpeedUp Optimization Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Content Marketing Affiliate Marketing And all other related stuff Honestly, I’m not an online marketing guru. But I love testing and experimenting with various strategies to drive traffic, attract new leads and convert them into loyal paying customers. So I’ve created this blog ( Not only so that I’d have the opportunity to learn new things, but to share it with the community as well.