This company started on 8 April 1985 by taking registration from the Joint Stock Company. Alhaj Md. Idris Mia is the founding Chairman of the company. Alhaj Mrs Rehana Idris and Guljer Mohammad Iah Ia Zihan are the Directors of the company. ‘The 30 No Rasida Biri’ factory is the main institution located at the Sadar Hospital Road in the Sherpur district of the Greater Mymensingh. This factory is developing day by day due to the efficiency of the directorship. There are two ‘Biri’ production centres in Sherpur district. Besides, there are one factory in Jamalpur district town, one in Deyangoanjow upazila and one at Fulpur upazila in Mymensingh district. Apart from these, there is at least one branch or cooperate office in almost every district including Dhaka. The company has also created employment opportunity for the people. A great number of the poor, educated and unemployed are earning their livelihood by engaging themselves in crashing, drying and other processing those raw materials. At present this factory is playing a vital role in employment opportunity.