The activities of Zebin Fish & Feeds Limited started on 20 May 2008 taking registration from the Joint Stock Company.  Alhaj Mrs Rehana Idris is the chairman while Guljer Mohammad Iah Ia Zihan is the Managing Director of this project. The project is located at the Kamaria village in the Dakolhati Block under Sadar municipality of the district. This project covers 10 ponds in a total of 30 acres of land. This fish project plays a viral role in fish supply to other districts after meeting the demand of the district. Apart from this, the cultivations of vegetables, fruits and flowers on both sides of the ponds have charmed the local people. A fish feeds mill is also set up by the side of the project to process the improved fish feeds and meet local demand. Besides, there are more 9/10 ponds at different institutions of the company. This project plays a role in poverty alleviation by creating employment opportunity.