Zihan Auto Rice Mills Limited was registered as Joint Stock Company on 19 December 2002.  Alhaj Mrs Rehana Idris is the Chairman while Guljer Mohammad Iah Ia Jihan is the Managing Director of the company. This auto rice mill covering a total of 7/8 acres of land is located at a beautiful place named Sheikh Hati Block in the Sadar upazila of the district. Improved rice and paddy are sent to different districts since Sherpur is famous for fine rice. For this reason, there are a lot of rice mills in the district compared to the other districts of the country. As a result, Zihan Auto Rice mill has achieved national recognition for rice business. At present, various kinds of rice including Najir, Atop and Minicat are being produced from this auto rice. Every day 5000 maunds of rice is produced from this mill. Advertisement and publicity on Rice of the mill are broadcast through Newspapers and TV channels. At present this auto rice mill is playing a vital role in employment opportunity.