Zihan & Company Private Limited have been running its activities by taking registration from Joint Stock Company on 6 June 1993. Alhaj Md. Idris Mia is the Managing Director of the company. Alhaj Mrs Rehana Idris and Guljer Mohammad Iah Ia Zihan are the Directors of the company. The company is situated at its own land in the Hajirhat and Monthona areas under Rangpur Division. The company has two branch offices (tobacco purchasing centres) at the Gongachora area in the Rangpur district and Ramgonj upazila in Nilphamari district.  Different raw materials for Biri business are bought from those areas. The company has created employment opportunity for the people. A large number of the poor, educated and unemployed are earning their livelihood by engaging themselves in crashing, drying and other processing those raw materials. At present Zihan Company is playing a vital role in employment opportunity.