Provider Alhaj Idris Mia has been leading JS Robber Project since 17 September 1991. This rubber project covering 54.73 acres of land is situated at a green hilly place on the valley of the Garo Hills under Jhinaigati upazila of the district. Every year, many visitors visit this wonderful place coming from different districts. Improved rubber seat is made of rubber juice and it is sent to different countries. At present, there are a total of 10, 000 rubber trees and a total of 3000 rubber seedlings in this project. Every year, rubber juice is produced from every rubber seedling. Flowers, fruits and vegetables are also cultivated in the rubber garden. Apart from this, under the project, there are also fish cultivation and a large pond for entertainment in a total of 12 acres of land near the Gosni picnic spot. Peddle boats are seen floating on the pond water. A two floor wonderful rest room is built above the pond. The name of the building is ‘Jihan Leisure Centre’. This project is getting popularity day by day.